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Fayrouz’s Royal Party!

How amazing does this party look for a little girl’s first birthday party? We recently spoke to her mother, Saly, about some neat details about the special day!
Fayrouz blog 1
1) What is your daughter’s name? What does it mean? 
My daughter’s name is Fayrouz. It’s an old classic Arabic name that I’ve always loved the sound of. The meaning is fairly sweet, it is actually the name of the turquoise stone in Arabic. Coincidentally it happens to be her birthstone.
Fayrpuz blog 2This is the precious Fayrouz!!
2) Where did your inspiration come from for this super baby chic decor? 
The inspiration actually came from a blog on your company’s Facebook page! I remember seeing it over a year ago, when I was still pregnant and falling in love with such a classy, precious little girl party! Take a look:
We never found out what we were having so I remember thinking if I ever have a girl, I would love for this to be one of her parties! I don’t particularly want my little girl to aspire to be a princess so I figured this was my only chance I had when she still would not understand. And it certainly made for great pictures. The framed castle on the table actually is our wedding cake. We had it in the shape of a castle, so I thought it would be pretty cool to include. I changed the colors to gold glitter and pastel turquoise instead of the pale pink since that is her color.



3) What does Fayrouz like to play with? What are some of her favorite toys? 
She likes to play with anything she can bang. We generally try not to give her many toys so she is not overstimulated and does not develop a short attention span. I would say her favorite toys right now are water bottles and keys! :)


4) Are you planning on throwing a big bash like this for next year? Any decor/design ideas brewing already?
I say that I am not planning this for next year, but I probably will give in again. By then I would leave it up to her preference or something she has an affinity towards and then go from there from the designing. I tend to enjoy the DIY decor.
The party was held at a close friends clubhouse, and Fayrouz had about 30 people come to celebrate her first birthday!